When we sing,
we change who we are.
When we change who we are,
we change the world.


Autumn 2021

Hello, MCC Members!

It is amazing that we are already deep into Fall and Thanksgiving holidays are fast approaching. Temperatures and leaves are finally beginning to fall, and the daylight hours are certainly growing shorter.

It seems impossible that our Annual Meeting is also in our rear-view mirror. If you were not able to attend, the video is available on YouTube. But I thought I would share a few observations that I hope will be helpful in bolstering your enthusiasm for our 2022 plans.

The recent survey was the major focus of discussion at the Annual Meeting. It was intended to help the Board understand how people felt about starting up again, what it would take for people to be comfortable and, based on previous experience, what opportunities we have for even greater excellence going forward. We wanted guidance from all of you on how we should be viewing the future of the chorus; first in response to the pandemic, as well as our collective hopes and dreams about music, singing and structure.

And you did not disappoint us. We had a tremendous number of respondents and loads of comments. As a result, the data each of you provided has collectively helped us to begin real planning for our eventual reopening.

Although the survey was quite helpful in discerning general chorus member expectations, I want to reiterate and make clear that no final decisions on any aspects of a restart and/or restructure have been made. Because we are still looking at a start up sometime in the Spring of 2022, our discussions are focusing on a variety of options relating to what conditions and policies will need to be in place to facilitate a successful start up.

The situation on many fronts is and continues to be dynamic – COVID-19 community transmission is difficult to predict; space and staffing will take some creativity, and new resources such as vaccines, boosters, mandates and even antivirals change the landscape almost weekly. As a result, our discussions have taken place in terms of “likelihood” rather than certainty. But we know that we need to work within such a framework so that we can move forward with planning.

If we don’t start we won’t be able to reach our goal of Spring singing. We do have some assumptions in place and are developing a specific timeline that will reflect all of the responsibilities and steps that we need to accomplish in order to get us to our goal.

Since the Annual Meeting, the board has met a number of times and started the discussion around the tasks that need to be completed as well as the timing of those tasks so that we can gain a more realistic estimate of a specific opening date. Several factors will determine that timeline, including but not limited to:

  • staffing for our musical and administrative roles;
  • the amount of space (people per feet) available to us at First Congo;
  • what health/safety precautions we will need to implement in accordance with that space and the condition of the pandemic at the time (masks, proof of vaccination, etc.); and
  • time required to develop a musical program/theme, order music, set up practice tracks, think about a beneficiary and all the other details that make MCC work so well.

What we want you to know is that we (the board) are every bit as eager to start singing again as all of you. We want to do it in a thoughtful manner and make certain that we don’t miss anything along the way. We are extremely fortunate to be financially solvent and secure. The start-up may not initially look or feel like MCC pre-pandemic; but using the information that you shared with us through the questionnaire and continue to share with us through emails and feedback, our “future state” will evolve. Our guidance continues to be a commitment to fulfill our mission statement, “singing as a community for the community.”

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us at info@mccsings.org or midcoast.comm.chorus@gmail.com. The mailbox is monitored almost daily and we like to think that we are good about responding in a timely way.

Thank you for your continued passion for MCC and your love of music and song. We are actively working towards the day when, together, we will be able to make joyous noise again!

Until then, be safe, stay healthy and keep singing in the shower!!!!!



Singing as a Community for the Community!

Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) is a vibrant and dynamic 501c3 non-profit organization providing choral programs for all ages and all voices.

We believe that:

  • the voice is the sound of the soul
  • all voices deserve to be heard
  • singing together builds community

We welcome everyone ages 13 and up to sing with us or become a member. Children age 15 or younger must be accompanied by a guardian or designated mentor at all times during rehearsals, sectionals and performances. We perform at least two concerts a year in June and January. Our concerts typically sell out and a portion of the proceeds from our June concert are donated to a selected local non-profit organization performing important work in our community.

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