When we sing,
we change who we are.
When we change who we are,
we change the world.


Dear MCC Community: 

We’re growing!  Have you noticed??!!  And with growth comes a variety of both challenges and opportunities.  More voices in song  (maybe even more tenors and basses!) More repertoire for Steve to consider.  More friends……and….more crowding! Tighter seating!   Harder to see Steve and hear voices….Parking congestion…limited performance space on stage….you probably have your own thoughts to add to the list. 

This means that we need to make some adjustments, and mighty quick. What to do? We’ve considered the possibility of simply capping the number of singers in any given term, either on a "first come first served” basis or using some other criteria. We don’t much like this approach as it seems to undermine the mission of the chorus as a non-auditioned musical community open to anyone who wants to sing.  

So we’ve decided to try an experiment next semester for the June 2019 concert.  

Starting in January of 2019, and through the next semester, our Midcoast Community non-auditioned chorus will remain the same. Midcoast Community Chorus Chorale will evolve from its current structure within the main chorus to a stand-alone auditioned group with the following parameters: 

  • Chorale members will no longer be required to sing with the main chorus. 
  • Choral rehearsals will be at First Congregational Church on Thursday nights
  • Chorale repertoire will include 8-10 pieces rather than 2-3
  • Chorale will have separate performance engagements to be announced at auditions

This is a one semester experiment. If we have fun, retain singers and don’t lose money, it could become a template for further group development. We’ll have to try it and evaluate at the end of the semester.

So, now both choruses have more room and are able to welcome even more singers into your community. Come join us!

Mim Bird, Chairman

Midcoast Community Chorus

Singing as a Community for the Community!

Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) is a vibrant and dynamic non-profit organization providing choral programs for all ages and all voices.

We believe:

  • the voice is the sound of the soul
  • all voices deserve to be heard
  • singing together builds community

We welcome all ages and voices to sing with us or become a member. We perform at least two concerts a year in June and January. Our concerts typically sell out and we donate the proceeds from our June concert to a chosen non-profit beneficiary doing important work in our community.

For our story, please watch our video!

A conversation with Mimi Bornstein and Dr. Ysaye Barnwell on the Transformative Power of Singing in Community



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