When we sing,
we change who we are.
When we change who we are,
we change the world.

Community Sing! A New Season begins....

Community Sing! is a program started in November 2013 that provides a monthly opportunity for all singers to gather with friends and neighbors for the sheer joy of singing together. Midcoast Community Chorus sponsors these gatherings as part of its mission to "sing as a community for the community.” No preparation, practice, or training is needed to participate and all people young and old, experienced singers and novices are invited. 

Songs of peace, hope and transformation are led by MCC’s founder and artistic director Mimi Bornstein, and taught in the oral tradition. Bornstein has been bringing people together in song in the midcoast and on a national scale for many years. Time and time again she has witnessed the power of song to change and empower lives. Says Bornstein, "The voice is the sound of the soul and every voice deserves to be heard, honored and celebrated. When we create musical community with the intention that everyone’s voice matters, the transformations that occur for both the group and the individual are astounding.”

What is it about community singing that makes the spirits soar and hearts fill up with joy and tenderness? What is it about sharing song that makes people kinder, more tolerant and giving? What is it about the physicality of heartbeats coming together in song?

Recent research about the healing powers of singing as a community has been getting national recognition in news outlets such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, and NPR. Bornstein further notes, "this research completely confirms what I have witnessed over the past 25 years while working with singers of all abilities and was at the core of why MCC was started six years ago. I have witnessed thousands of people finding joy, peace and healing when brought together to sing in community.”

Whether you are a professional singer, or sing only in the shower, come join us for a fun-filled afternoon of creating joyful powerful community through song.

Our Sing events are held at the John Street United Methodist Church on John St in Camden. Join us from 3:30pm-4:45pm. Check back here for dates! Until then, Keep on Singing!

For more information please call 207-975.0582


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