When we sing,
we change who we are.
When we change who we are,
we change the world.

Children’s Chorus

Building on its many successes singing as a community for the community, Midcoast Community Chorus (MCC) formed Midcoast Community Children’s Chorus, or MC3!, in September, 2011. Welcoming all young singers between the ages of seven to eleven, MC3! is a non-auditioned chorus and holds two semesters of singing each year. Each semester culminates in a recital.

When asked about the inspiration behind starting a children’s chorus, MCC founder and artistic director Mimi Bornstein says, "Providing a place for young people to come together in voice and song is integral to community building on so many levels. I have worked with hundreds of adults who at some point in their childhood were told they couldn't sing, and the long-term result of this message was devastating to each and every one of them. It is so valuable to work with children before they are quieted or told that they ‘can't sing’. Everyone can sing, and everyone deserves to have a place to come together in musical community.”

Much like the 140-member adult community chorus led by Bornstein, the children’s chorus will learn and perform music of hope, peace, and transformation from all over the world. We believe it is important that children be given a safe place to find and explore voice and community together through music. Singing can play an important role in children’s intellectual and artistic development when it is an integral part of their routine. Singing music from all over the world and learning about the cultures that this music comes from builds a strong sense of community, compassion, and understanding of other cultures. Through this process our young singers gain a sense of feeling as if they are on the same team, all working for the common good. This helps build self-esteem, a strong sense of community, and of course, provides a highly valuable musical experience and education.

All children who sing with MC3! will:

  • Find a safe place to find and celebrate voice together.
  • Sing music of hope, peace, and transformation from all over the world.
  • Learn about different cultures through music.
  • Gain basic music reading and sight reading skills.
  • Learn the basics of healthy singing and vocal pedagogy.
  • Build strong community through music.
  • Build a strong foundation for a lifetime of music and singing.

Seasonal Concert Fees and Registration

Seasonal concert fees cover all materials, rehearsal venue rentals, accompanist, chorus communications and other hard costs that must be met to allow us to rehearse and sing together every Thursday afternoon during the concert season.

Be a Volunteer

Having one or two parent/guardian volunteers each week is integral to the success of our rehearsals. It helps keep children safe and allows our rehearsals to start on time and run smoothly. Our Parent Volunteer Coordinator oversees this scheduling.


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