When we sing,
we change who we are.
When we change who we are,
we change the world.

Congratulations Spring 2020 Chorale Members:

Soprano 1
Anna Dembska
Adrienne Gallant
Susan Shaw
Peggy Williamson
Eilleen Wolper
Soprano 2
Barbara Brooks
Lucia Elder
Kim Murphy
Kathy Pease
Bridget Qualey
Ruth Wall
Susan Weber
Alto 1
Christine Alberi
Ellen Berry
Sarah Nicholson
Betty Sue Easton
Laura Morrissey
Paulette Ulmschneider
Meredith Walsh
Beth Wilson
Alto 2
Ellie Daniels
Susan Davenport
Sara Holmes
Vicky Johnson
Kristi Kalajian
Laura Purdom 
Barbara Whitten
Tenor 1
Shlomit Auciello
John Bird
Deb Brady 
Juliane Dow
Laura Jackson 
Ray Martin 
John Sage 
Tenor 2
Dustin Batley
Mim Bird
Roy Hitchings
Greg Marley
Bass 1
Warren Erickson 
Ross Faneuf 
Matt Owen 
Frank Parsons 
Dan Pease 
Paul Velleman 
Chris Williamson 
Bass 2
James Cook
Eric Evans
Rob Wall


Our MCChorale is an auditioned group of approximately fifty singers who would like the opportunity to learn and perform more challenging choral repertoire with a commitment to artistic mastery. Singers with this group must have basic choral skills, previous choral experience, and are expected to be relatively independent in their note learning, and willing and able to work an additional one to two hours a week outside of weekly rehearsals. All members of Chorale are provided with online training tools and weekly rehearsals to ready for our performance.

Starting in January of 2019, and through the next semester, our Midcoast Community non-auditioned chorus will remain the same. Midcoast Community Chorus Chorale will evolve from its current structure within the main chorus to a stand-alone auditioned group with the following parameters: 

  • - Chorale members will no longer be required to sing with the main chorus. 
  • - Choral rehearsals will be at First Congregational Church on Thursday nights
  • - Chorale repertoire will include 8-10 pieces rather than 2-3
  • - Chorale will have separate performance engagements to be announced at auditions as well as performing in the MCChorus concert on June 20, 2020.

Our one semester experiment continues.

The Chorale member fee is $80.00 this semester.

Membership Handbook

MCC now has a Membership Handbook which helps define what it means to be a member of our singing community. This handbook highlights the many aspects of our community and our members participation in it.

MCC Membership Handbook (pdf format)

MCC Chorale Registration (pdf format)


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